South African Freelancing

Freelancing Solutions has introduced this website as a resource for South Africans who are willing to go into the freelancing industry, together with our sister websites we provide one of the most complete freelancing services, integrated with Affiliate Marketing Programs, and Website hosting in order to ensure the success of each and every individual who is involved with our business.

Freelancing Solutions Services.

We have introduced several services to insure the prosperity of freelancers, clients, employers, affiliates, and our website hosting customers. Those services enables us to make sure that each and every one of our freelancers, affiliates, partners and customers gets the assistance they need in order to succeed. The services which we are introducing to the South African Freelancing Industry are as follows.

Freelancing Jobs Website


This website enables freelancers to work as premium freelancers and also free membership freelancers the difference being in the way they work and the opportunities that are available to the two groups of freelancers, it must however be noted that a free membership freelancer can advance into a premium freelancer should that freelancer wishes it.

What our freelancers get when they subscribe?

When they subscribe our freelancers get access to our services and they are able to bid and work on freelance jobs our premium freelancers however gets a little bit more as they are paying a subscription fee every month.

Added advantages of premium freelancers.

They get access to our freelancing portfolio website hosting solution where we will create a freelancing portfolio website for them and the website has several functionalities that will enable those freelancers to get more freelance jobs.

The freelancing portfolio website enables our premium freelancers to:

  • Promote their own freelancing portfolio online through any promotional method, which enables them to get freelance jobs directly from visitors on their own freelancing portfolio website.

  • Promote their own freelancing portfolio through our Affiliate Marketing Agents, which enables them to secure even more jobs.

  • Assist our easy website hosting customers through their website hosting forums and then be able to get more freelance jobs as we encourage our customers to employ freelancers for their technical needs and any other assistance they might need.

  • Assist our Affiliate Marketing agents in implementing their online promotions through Search Engine Optimization and any other online marketing campaign.  

The Affiliate Program Website


This website enables us to work with anyone who is interested in online jobs,  we allow anyone to register and start working with us, without consideration of whether or not the person is proficient when it comes to the internet and how websites works.
The reason for this is that we believe that people should not have to learn everything about computers in order to have an online business, or to be able to work online, people have a range of different skills which are still useful in the business world without having to consider as to whether or not such people understands the way computers work.
So our affiliate marketing website allows everyone to work online and be able to make money doing it. In order for you to learn more about our program do so here.

Easy Website Hosting Solutions


This website enables our customers, affiliates, freelancers and partners to host their websites with us, this opportunity has an added advantage to its customers in that customers of our easy website hosting solutions get more than website hosting when they subscribe with us. They get access to all our programs with free memberships enabling them to make use of our freelancers for website development those allowing them to have a website they wanted.
And also allowing them to employ the services of our affiliate marketing agents to sell and promote their services from within their own websites, this also has an advantage that they do not have to build their own affiliate marketing network as its time consuming and you might never succeed.